Andrea Aversa - Andromaca - POP, video 20min47secs

Andromaca - POP was first presented by the artist in Rome in April 2018,
on the occasion of the convention 'Il fascismo italiano nel prisma delle arti
contemporanee' 'Italian Fascism in the prism of contemporary arts'
organised by 'Roma III' University and 'The Ecole of hautes etudes
en sciences sociale' of Paris, in the form of a performance lecture
including a diaporama of over 80 slides.
It quotes Baudelaire, Coleridge, Pirandello and Le Corbusier, mixing their texts
with the author fictions and poems.
It uses the artist collection of positive films, mainly composed by photos that
have been taken by the artist for his personal research, later
transformed with the use of dry transfer technique or eventually found on
the streets of Paris.
The video version has been enriched with new slides and has been performed in
Italian by the artist himself.

numi fascisti numi fascisti