Andrea Aversa - Study for an Aeneid (Italie, un pays pour tous)

Installation views at SometimeStudio, Paris 2015. The pinboard gathers different materials into one narrative schema: fashion photographs,
Romantic seascapes, pages from classic and modern literature (The Aeneid, Gordon Pymm, Moby Dick) and several materials from Progetto UV
form a contemporary version of Virgil s Aeneid, comparing this classic hero and founder of Rome with todays immigrants.

Progetto UV and Virgil's Aeneid

A land there is, Hesperia nam'd of old;
The soil is fruitful, and the men are bold -
th' Oenotrians held it once - by common fame
Now call'd Italia, from the leader's name.
To that sweet region was our voyage bent,
When winds and ev'ry warring element
Disturb'd our course, and, far from sight of land,
Cast our torn vessels on the moving sand:
The sea came on; the South, with mighty roar,
Dispers'd and dash'd the rest upon the rocky shore.

What men, what monsters, what inhuman race,
What laws, what barb'rous customs of the place,
Shut up a desart shore to drowning men,
And drive us to the cruel seas again?
If our hard fortune no compassion draws,
Nor hospitable rights, nor human laws,
The gods are just, and will revenge our cause.

Virgil, The Aeneid, Book I

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